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Production difficulties can arise in any industry. Yet, it is only in these instances that hard work and dedication can evolve into innovations that can change and improve the entire industry. This was exactly the case when Western Roller Corporation found a way to turn the urethane roller industry into something those in the industry at the time had not even dreamed of. Founder, Richard Collver, was able to create a replaceable tire, made of polyurethane that was able to solve the bonding problems the industry had been struggling with. This dedication to innovation remains strong in the company today, matched only by our dedication to quality. Western Roller has been an industry leader for forty years. Providing exceptional products such as Super Drive™, a replaceable urethane tire system, we continue to search for new ways to further the industry. Our latest addition is the P-2000 dual hardness urethane roller system featuring ten core sizes and thirty four outside diameters, plus many special mounts. It is a tough, high traction and non-marking roller product that can be modified according to your specifications to fit your unique application. Along with our diverse standard line, our company also specializes in providing custom parts of all kinds. Whether you are in need of bearing covers, bonded rollers, hold down pads or other specialty parts, WRC has the solution. When customers choose Western Roller Corp., they choose a company that will not compromise on quality. A company built on unique innovation. WRC will work hard to make sure that every single need is satisfied.Made in the USA

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