Urethane Products

Urethane products, plain and simple, are products made from the material urethane, otherwise known as polyurethane. These products can range from gears and mechanical products to other products such as strippers, bumpers, rollers, metal forming dies, wheels, belts, seals, wiper blades, chute liners and so many other products.

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Urethane products often start as urethane sheets and are molded or formed through a variety of processes in order to achieve their desired final form. As stated, there are a variety of ways in which urethane products are manufactured and how your product is manufactured depends on the application itself and how your urethane product will fit into that application.

Urethane products can be manufactured using dispensing equipment where the material is mixed and then dispensed or poured into a mold where it will take its final shape. Urethane products can also be manufactured through the use of tooling where the material is molded and shaped into the desired final product using a number of different methods.

Currently, global consumption of polyurethane materials is somewhere above 12 million metric tons. The reason that this material is so popular is due to the advantageous characteristics that the material brings to the table.

Polyurethane brings both good mechanical and dynamic properties, as well as natural resistances to cutting, tearing, and abrasion. This means that urethane products are often in applications where they are exposed to a lot of wear and tear as they can withstand the punishment.

Urethane products also have high impact strength and a superior load bearing capacity. Perhaps the main reason urethane products are found in so many different industries is due to the fact that urethane comes in such a variety of types and forms. For instance, some urethane is as malleable as jelly while other urethane products are as hard as a bowling ball.

So whatever your application may be, a urethane product could be the perfect choice for you. We encourage you to contact a trusted urethane product manufacturer in order to evaluate what type of manufacturing process is right for your application in order to receive the best possible urethane product.

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