Polyurethane Motor Mounts

Polyurethane mounts firmly secure the engine to the frame of the car, creating the desired rigidity in a high performance vehicle. At the same time, they are soft enough to absorb the vibrations created by a strong engine.

If an engine that puts out a lot of torque is not mounted on motor mounts that can handle the torque, the engine could potentially overload a traditional motor mount with power and break it.

Owners of hot rods, street cars and race vehicles typically upgrade to polyurethane motor mounts that are designed specifically for their car model. These mounts have a metal piece that bolts directly to the frame of the vehicle.

This piece then locks to another metal piece with polyurethane on either side of it, and it is this portion that is attached to the engine. The limiting of unwanted movement and the controlling of torque increases not only the car’s handling performance, but also makes it faster by transferring a greater percentage of the power to the wheels. Because the mounts are made by polyurethane manufacturers, they will not deteriorate when exposed to gas and oil or other chemicals that would wear down normal rubber.

Polyurethane Motor Mounts
Polyurethane Motor Mounts – American Urethane, Inc.

Designs for polyurethane motor mounts vary depending on the make and model of a car. Because each model has a different frame and the available space in the engine bay is not the same in all cars, motor mounts have to be designed to work within a particular space.

Most manufacturers of polyurethane motor mounts offer a variety of mounts that they have engineered for particular models.

Many of these manufactures offer mounts for models that are popular in the automotive community, while others focus on brands with a devoted and enthusiastic following like GM or Volkswagen.

The development of a polyurethane motor mount requires testing in vehicle to ensure that performance is enhanced and durability is not compromised.

Polyurethane Motor Mounts Polyurethane motor mounts are used to attach a motor or transmission to the frame of a vehicle. Because polyurethane is an expensive material, these types of mounts are usually not used in cars during the manufacturing process. Instead, car enthusiasts often install them as aftermarket parts.