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Tec Composites

Jacksonville, FL

At Tec Composites, our expertise revolves around delivering top-tier polyurethane molding solutions, positioning ourselves as industry leaders in providing innovative and versatile services across diverse sectors. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we specialize in offering a comprehensive array of polyurethane molding services tailored to meet specific project requirements and industry needs.

Our extensive range of products and services caters to a broad spectrum of needs, encompassing a diverse selection of polyurethane molding solutions. From intricate parts for automotive and aerospace industries to custom-molded components for various applications, we excel in delivering high-quality, durable, and precisely crafted polyurethane products that meet stringent quality standards.

We prioritize precision engineering and customization in our polyurethane molding processes, utilizing advanced technologies, cutting-edge equipment, and a skilled workforce. Each molding project undergoes meticulous planning, design, and execution to ensure accuracy, durability, and compliance with project specifications, contributing to our clients' success and project objectives.

At Tec Composites, our mission revolves around delivering superior-quality polyurethane molding services that exceed the expectations of various industries. We take pride in being a reliable partner, providing innovative and customized molding solutions that contribute to the success, efficiency, and advancement of our clients' projects.

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Polyurethane Bushings

Polyurethane Bushing

A polyurethane bushing is a friction reducing component that is placed between moving and stationary components as a replacement for lubricants. The use of polyurethane for the production of bushings is due to its resilience...

Polyurethane Molding

Polyurethane Molding

Polyurethane molding is the process of fabricating or manufacturing plastic parts by introducing a urethane polymer system into a tool or mold and allowing it to cure. Like any other type of plastic, the excellent processability...

Polyurethane Rollers

Polyurethane Rollers

Polyurethane rollers are cylindrical rollers covered by a layer of elastomer material called polyurethane. Depending on the application, the inner roller core is prone to scratches, dents, corrosion, and other types of damage...

Urethane Wheels

Urethane Wheel

Urethane wheels are wheels made of molded urethane, also known as polyurethane. Urethane is an elastomer that comprises urethane carbamate linkages and is a portmanteau phrase for "elastic polymer. All of the advantages of metal...

Urethane Casting

Urethane Casting

Urethane casting is the process of injecting polyurethane and additive resins into a soft mold usually made of silicone elastomer. The casting process is similar to injection molding; injection molding differs by using hard, metal molds...

Blow Molding

Blow Molding Animation

Blow molding is a type of plastic forming process for creating hollow plastic products made from thermoplastic materials. The process involves heating and inflating a plastic tube known as a parison or preform. The parison is...

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